Buffalo Chicken Sammie FRIDAYS

You asked for it, so we’re making it happen. 

As you know, our menu is ever-changing with the seasons, but when you really love something, we hate to take it away from you if we can help it. 

So, back by popular demand, our buffalo chicken sandwich is now available every Friday during lunch
It’s not on the menu, so just ask your server and they’ll hook you up. 

🔥Get it while it’s hot!🔥

Buffalo Chicken Sammie | crispy | local lettuces, tomato, gorgonzola aioli, The General Muir asiago sourdough 

Photo Credit: Jared Allman


Our Tastebuds Couldn’t Be Happier

In case you missed it, Chef has been creating some extraordinarily delicious spreads the past few weeks.
Here are some of our favorites:

Smoked Tuscan Kale Crepes | spring onion crema, gruyere gratin, smoked vinaigrette


Sacher Torte | blackberry preserve, bitter chocolate glaze, chocolate macaron, chocolate sorbet

Photo Credit: Jared Allman


Duck Confit | fregola sarda, shiitake mushrooms, Calabrian chiles, pickled cucumbers, cucumber-buttermilk dressing


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